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One of our CFO clients needed a valuation a few weeks before the holidays- not an easy time to find a quality firm to handle this- We contacted David as it was critical we had this for a year end GRAT- David handled this incredibly smooth and made our client very happy. The calculations made sense to me and it was a job well done. Highly recommend him for your valuation matters.”

Rob Tamburri, CPA, PFS , Managing Partner at Balog + Tamburri, Certified Public Accountants

“I am an Estate Planning Attorney and I brought David in to do the valuation for a business succession plan that I was preparing. We started out in a time crunch because it was December and we had to have this completed by the end of the year for tax purposes. David’s turn-around time was excellent and we had time to revise and finalize the valuation report leaving enough time for me to complete everything that I had to do by the end of the year. David was professional under pressure and took the time to discuss the report with me and my client and revised the report to highlight information specifically important to the plan. I would work with David again and I would recommend him highly for any one that is in need of a business valuation specialist.”

Josh Shirley, Owner, The Shirley Law Firm